A History of the Children’s Home of Easton

The Children's HomeThe Children’s Home of Easton has a long and accomplished history and it is with great pride that we share it:

1885 – The Children’s Home of Easton is founded as The Easton Home for Friendless Children to care for young children without a family or for those who cannot care for them.

1887 – The need for larger quarters prompts a city-wide campaign for a new structure and the successful fund raising effort results in a new Home on Washington Boulevard, completed in 1887. It houses 15 boys and two girls. The oldest child was 12, and the youngest two and a half.

1900 – Within a generation, the number of children in the community who require care increases dramatically, and the Home searches for a way to respond. Area businesses step in and contribute to the need.

1917 – Mr. Joseph P. Smith purchases and donates the Firmstone Home and our present campus, a 38-acre farm estate at Twenty-Fifth Street and Lehigh Drive. The manor house is renovated and expanded initially through gifts from members of the Chipman family.

The Children’s Home Auxiliary sponsors the first Pink Ball, the oldest charity ball in the area. Held every winter, this event raises money for the Auxiliary, who in turn sponsors events and activities with the children year-round.

1921 – The new quarters are dedicated and the name changes to The Children’s Home of Easton.

1930 – The Children’s Home initiates the first day care center in the country for children of single parents.

1960 – The Children’s Home of Easton’s focus shifts from an orphanage to a residential treatment home for adolescents from dysfunctional families with emotional problems.

2005 and beyond – The Children’s Home of Easton can house approximately 80 children on our campus and 70 off campus in our group and foster homes.