Foster Care and Intensive Family Based Non RTF

Foster CareThe foster care program provides community based settings within a structured family home environment. These foster care homes, and intensive family based homes, are located within the Lehigh Valley area. Each foster home is assigned a case manager to oversee the well being of each child. The case manager reports to the placing county and the child’s family any concerns and progress made by the child. The child(ren) residing within these homes attend the local public school in relation to the foster home residency. He/she is encouraged to participate in the public school’s various activities, clubs and team sports, etc. to promote social growth and development.

The length of stay in the foster home various with each child. Many of our children have developed a life-long connection with their foster family which has provided a sense of permanency and well being. Depending upon the age of the child, he/she will be taught independent living skills to assist him/her in their future endeavors. Each child is provided with a warm nurturing environment to feel safe and continue to grow and develop emotionally, socially as well as academically. The age range of the Children’s Home foster children may be from infancy to an older teen